321 Stainless Steel Bar

321 Stainless Steel Bar
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321 Pipe, 321 Plate, 321 Round Bar, 321 Sheet - AMS 5510, 5645

Stainless Steel 321 is a typical type of austentic metal which is identical to SS 304, but with additions of titanium and five times the carbon content. Due to the content of carbon in this high steel alloy it reduces the risk of carbide precipitation during welding. This high steel alloy furnishes excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. SS 321 can be utilized for high temperature services because of its good mechanical properties. It also posses good creep and stress rupture properties than SS 304. The high steel alloy offers identical resistance to overall corrosion due to high nickel and chromium content. 

We supply 321 stainless steel sheet in a variety of lengths and widths and can custom cut to your exact specifications. Our stainless steel coil can also be slit to your desired width. We are also suppliers of hex bar and 321 round bar stock.

Standard Industry Specifications 

  • AMS 5510

  • AMS 5645

  • UNS S32100

  • ASTM A167


  • GE-S400/1000

  • RR SABRe Edition 2

  • DFARS Compliant

  • SAE AMS 5510

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Common Applications of 321 Stainless Steel

  • Aircraft exhaust stacks

  • Manifolds

  • Chemical processing equipment

  • Welded equipment

  • Jet engine parts

  • Aircraft piston engine manifolds

  • Expansion joints

  • Firearms production

  • Thermal oxidizers

  • Refinery equipment

  • High temperature chemical process equipment

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